Pixby Travels the World

Pixby, the loveable pixel rabbit, needs your help as he ventures across the world on his exciting journey. Travel with Pixby through this free iPad game for kids, as he explores many cultures and finds different forms of transport. As Pixby's best friend, you choose which countries he will visit and help him construct the various modes of transport in the quickest time possible. When you complete a puzzle, collect and play with your reward.

"It is a fun puzzle game and exciting to play!"
Jasper age 8

PIXBY TRAVELS THE WORLD is Pixby's first pixel-jigsaw adventure and is available exclusively on iPad. FREE for a limited period only!

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For iPad Retina — more versions coming soon

Help Pixby create his next mode of transport!

Pixel-jigsaw fun

Help Pixby construct his modes of transport by piecing together all the parts. The abstract shapes make the puzzles challenging and interesting.

12 Puzzles, 3 levels of difficulty

Pixby’s world will never get boring, and is great fun for replay value. You’ll never get bored of trying to beat your best times!

Added Rewards

Get a reward each time you finish a pixel-jigsaw. Listen for the sounds and greetings in many languages.

Helps to develop skills

The Pixel-puzzles stimulate your mind and may help to improve your logic, analytical skills, spatial awareness and problem solving capabilities.

"It is a fun puzzle game and exciting to play!"

Jasper age 8

"Good to play and fun to get more rewards."

Oleena age 4

"It's really good because the puzzle pieces are all different shapes."

Serafina age 6

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